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    Bali Social Coworkation

  • Want to join us in our very own villa in Bali?

    We'll be working, living and playing together.
    Not only this, but we're going to make it our mission to make a positive difference during our time there too!

    So, Natalia, founder of Remote Mission, decided she wanted to spend her 30th birthday in Bali this year. And as it happened quite a few other Remote Missioners wanted to be in Bali too!


    So we put our heads together and came up with a great plan...


    The first Remote Mission Coworkation! Yey!


    But shhh this is only available to our existing community atm..

    Now, let's get to the details!

    This April 2018!

    We're going to be based in Canggu - the quieter Bali life, but also the one where many nomads and remote workers hang out.


    This villa, as with many in Bali, is surrounded by green jungle and rice fields. It's just a short scooter ride from cafés, shops, restaurants, local co-working spaces (DoJo is literally 8 mins away) and let's not forget... the beach!


    There's 5 ensuite rooms, a big pool, open living rooms to work and play and outside space too!

    Fibre optic super high speed internet (Perfect for Digital Nomads apparently), scooter rental if wanted and free bicycles.

    Plus potential airport pick up (TBC)

  • 5 Rooms

  • 5 bedrooms : max 10 people

    8 places left for Remote Mission community

    1 month stay


    PRIVATE ROOM: $800 (Only 2 available)

    2 week stay


    PRIVATE ROOM: $500

    NGO link up & 1 x 60 min mentoring session

    + $200 (1-1 session alone is normally $200)

    Included : Workshops & brainstorming sessions between the group if there's demand & offers.

  • It's happening!!

    Let's go to Bali, have some fun and leave a positive trace.

    Natalia, founder of Remote Mission will be your host! A serial social entrepreneur, Natalia previously had a travel business called iamadventures. So travel and retreats are her jam!

    Want to join us? Apply now!

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