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8 of the best tech tools for working remotely

More and more of us are starting to work remotely these days and having to discover new ways of accessing information and even how to communicate with our colleagues. And now, amidst the crazy Corona Virus crisis many more people are finding themselves forced to move their work online and navigate their way into how to do this.

So we thought we'd share our favourite tech tools making working from home easier and more fun!

The video communication software everyone is talking about and if you're into the stock market, maybe you were clever enough to invest in it as soon as this all started to go crazy! Zoom, is a great tool for team brainstorming sessions, client meetings and catching up with colleagues (and friends). One of the key factors of working remotely, is not to feel isolated, that's why video contact can be important, especially if you have a team that is used to working closely together in an office most of the time. Zoom has a free version up to 40 minutes if more than two people are on the call or you can get a paid version.

Slack is another great tool for communication, in particular for team chats. You can have different channels for topics, groups etc. We find slack great for brainstorming without having to get on a call and for team spirit! Staying in touch is so important in order to keep the momentum and to feel like you're not working by yourself - even if you are on your own in your room! Plus, it's free to use with options to upgrade.

But where will you keep all of your endless amounts of documents, images, etc etc. and how will everyone access them? This is where Google Drive is a life saver when it comes to hosting all of your documents online - it's an entire suite of software for free! Write and edit Google Docs wherever you are, invite others to edit them; upload pictures and video; store and share them with your team! You can even share specific files and folders with people outside of your team.

All tools to help you stay organised, create tasks for you and your team and stay on top of everything.Depending on whether you're a list person or a visual person will depend on which project management software you'll prefer. If you're working online with a team, knowing what everyone needs to do and being able to check where your'e at with things is so important - take it from us you don't want to get in overwhelm or you may just find yourself sitting in your pjs more than you should!

So many apps, so many passwords. This is probably the one huge downside to working online and with so many tech applications and login details needed for each is easy to forget passwords. Not only that but when you're collaborating and working as a team remotely you will likely need access to several company tools. This is where password managers come in handy -safe and easy for the team to access without needing to write everything down in a notebook!

Workflow automation software! Put it simply, Zapier is a tool that connects all your other tools so that communication is effective and seamless. If you are looking for a way to make your remote tech life easier - head over to Zapier to find a solution.

With everyone in different time zones, locations and well, busy virtual calendars are more important than ever. With Acuity you can set up different types of appointments/meetings and create links for each. If your team wants to book a brainstorming session there's specific allocated times for that. If a client wants to book a 1-1 session they can do so and even pay for it through the calendar. Their free version is better than many of the others out there and their paid version has lots of great add ons too, including linking up with Zoom and your payment software.

Multiple timezones, guaranteed to give you a headache when trying to work out where your clients or team mates are and what time your usual 9am meeting really is. Every time zone is a clever web visualisation to help you see all of the timezones in one place and make your life that little bit easier!