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How relationships benefit our work & wellbeing

What to consider when planning your remote career

Relationships are so important for our well-being.

There has been a tonne of research to prove this, as well as many Ted talks on the matter.

In fact, according to psychologist Susan Pinker in this Tedx talk, the secret to living longer might be our social life.

As the world changes and more people become nomadic, intimate relationships become harder to sustain. How do we maintain them when traveling the world whilst working?

Do we build new relationships in every place we go? This could feel frustrating and exhausting and perhaps even lead to isolation in some cases.

Whatever you chose to do however, remember, that you are not alone.

The world of remote work is changing and growing at a fast pace and we’re learning the best ways it can work for us as we delve deeper into it.

Asking yourself what truly matters to you is important when setting any goal and planning for it.

So we’ve put together the key things to consider in planning your remote career:

Do you want to have a home base?

Most people think remote workers as travelling around the globe, working from their laptop at a beach cafe, sipping coconuts and sitting in the sun. But actually, they forget that many of us actually work remotely from our own homes. This could be personal choice, to have more time with our family, or to be able to live in the country, to be able to meet up with our friends for a coffee on our breaks, or it could be as simple as not wanting the daily commute anymore.

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Is it important for you to work with people?

Sometimes when you transition from working in a 9-5 job where you’re in an office surrounded by your colleagues to working on your own at home it can be quite difficult to adjust. It can feel lonely and at times hard to find that creative genius because you’ve got no one to bounce your ideas off with. If you’re the kind of person who loves being around people and who can be productive when doing so, then perhaps renting out an office space or working from co-working spaces or cafes is something you need to fit in to your schedule.

Shared Coworking Spaces

There are shared working spaces in so many locations, from your home city to cities and towns in all over the world. Some of our favourite are Huckletree in London, Hubud in Bali and Kohub in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Online Connection and Community

If you are working from home, you can also find connection and interaction online.

There are lots of online Facebook groups and communities for all kinds of niches these days, including our own Remote Mission Community, as well as local nomad groups too.

Join Forces

You can join forces with other remote workers and entrepreneurs and set working hours working from coffee places or your own homes. You can arrange meetings after work, and invite all the remote workers in the area to join. This way you can meet more like-minded people, talk about what you’re up to and network! One of the key things to business AND finding work is your network. At Remote Mission we are encouraging our members to use our community to connect with and meet each other in real life as well as through technology.

Humans all have an innate desire to connect. To collaborate and to share. We just need new, creative ways to make it happen so that we don’t lose touch with each other and with ourselves.