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Stuck in a job you hate?

8 simple things you can do right now to help

We’ve all woken up at some point and wished we didn’t have to go into the office. But have you ever had that feeling every day?

You got into this work because you care about the mission and now it’s draining all the care you have out of you. So what do you do? Wouldn’t it be great to just quit! Sadly, most people can’t do that, so how do you overcome this feeling until you can find a new job, one you love and one where you can get excited again?

Aside from winning the lottery and never returning to that dreaded place, here are some concrete things you can do right now to help you cope.

  1. Make finding a new job, your new part time job. I’ve been there. You use all your energy just getting through the day,you get home exhausted and want nothing more than to veg out for the rest of the evening. But that’s not going to get you out of your current situation. Take time each evening, even it’s only 30 minutes to find a new role. Make lots of lists--what qualities do you want in your dream job, what qualities do you want to avoid, what are your strongest skills, what skills do you need to work on to get that dream job? Update your resume and use those lists to start searching and applying for jobs that meet your criteria. Need more advice on how to get started, check out the Remote Mission Community on Facebook for a super supportive network of people.

  2. Change your routine. I used to get up at the last minute, eat a rushed breakfast and listen to the news while fighting traffic to get into a job I hated. Mornings were all about just getting to the job I didn’t want to be at in the first place and they were a battle. So I made some changes. I decided to get up a little earlier and take some time to read my book or go for a walk--just focus on me and not the job. I then realized listening to the news, in the bleak state we are in right now, made me feel even worse so I started listening to music instead. Finally, I started going in just a few minutes later. I avoided the traffic that gave me such a headache. These things were so simple and had a big impact on how I felt each day. Until I could change my job I had to do everything I could to make each day more enjoyable.

  3. Get Out! No really, get out of the office. Take a small break to go outside and get some sunshine, walk to the nearby coffee shop, do something that gets you away from the fluorescent lights and bad energy. Nowhere to go? Just go for a walk around the block. Stop eating lunch at your desk. Make plans to meet a friend or just enjoy lunch alone at a nearby park. Whatever you do, just get out of the office for a few minutes every day.

  4. Build up your skills. Remember those lists you made earlier? Use the time at your office to your advantage. Take on projects that will build those skills, volunteer for new and interesting things at work. Attend conferences and networking events. How can you use your current job to build the skills you need for your dream job? Do whatever you can to get something positive out of the situation and build your future.

  5. Work from home. If your job allows it, try to work from home one or two days a week. You can set up a space that is comfortable for you and allows you to be your most productive and at the same time avoiding some of the toxicity you are experiencing when you go into a physical office.

  6. Find a supportive community. Talk to your friends, don’t bottle it all up. Let folks know you need their support and love at this time. Find groups that share your interests and, even better, can help you make the move to a new job. Facebook is a great resource. You are not alone, remember this. Use your community to get through this time.

  7. Practice Self Care. Do mindful breathing every time you start to feel overwhelmed at work. Go for a run. Pet puppies! Find an amazing therapist. Practice meditation or yoga. Take a cooking class. Whatever self care means to you, be sure to find the time each day for small acts of care and do bigger things at least once a week.

  8. Remember, this is temporary. It doesn’t feel like it, but it is. You have everything you need inside of you to get out of the job you hate. It will take time and work but you can do it.

Have you been there before and have additional tips that can help someone stuck in a similar situation? Share your ideas in the comments. Do any of these tips resonate with you? Let us know!

Written by Megan Faunce