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The benefits of working from home for digital nomads

What does it really mean to work remotely from the comfort of your own home?

Do you want to be able to to plan your job around your life instead of your life around your job?

Do you love to travel, but also love working from your own environment- at home?

Ever wondered why you might want to work remotely?

We asked our community what they felt the benefits of working from home were and got more than the traditional answers.


Working for a business across the world can be more convenient than you’d think. If you’re in different time zones, you can have your mornings or evenings all to yourself and create the lifestyle you want.

Our community member Aliz Koletttis lives in Greece but has a job located in NYC, “so I can run all my errands, go to the gym with my husband, and go out to lunch. I basically have five or six hours to myself in the morning before I start working to be in sync with the time zone back in America. To me, that is a very huge benefit.”

It’s also more time to serve your community, volunteer, or just stimulate your local economy!

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

"Benefit today- didn't have to go out in the rain” - Nisha Kotecha

You know the feeling of driving through a storm, hardly able to see the road and cars in front of you, then running in the rain and into the office wet, cold, and anxious- this makes getting to work straight away difficult. Working from home not only prevents you from getting wet or sick, but by avoiding this entire scenario your productivity level will be as striking as a lightning storm.You will be flooded with results. Your mind won’t be clouded.

...Okay, I’ll stop.

There’s also a communal benefit- it protects other drivers. In general, driving in crappy weather is dangerous, so one less car on the road means less wrecks and traffic!


As Wendy Lee says, “lack of office chit chat means higher efficiency”. Face-to-face contact is important, but it can also mean distraction and unnecessary gossip or ill-feelings. Ever find yourself thinking negative thoughts about the person who is wasting your time with nonsensical gossip? When working remotely, people are much less likely to talk smack, being that what they say can literally be copied, pasted, and quoted. More time for productivity and positive chats!

Something I personally don’t miss- death staring at someone because they are eating and smacking at their desk. ::shudders::

Still want to see those faces you work with? Wendy suggests that you “schedule coffee and lunches with business contacts or friends regularly to maintain a healthy level of human interaction!”

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The most popular benefit and clearly an important one, for reasons more than the ability to travel. From household chores to mid-day yoga, working remotely provides the freedom to focus on self-care, more enjoyable time off, and therefore happier employees.

Cortney Busch says “benefits are that you can work around your life and your life admin doesn't need to wait until the weekends, so your weekends can be more enjoyable. There's no commute and you can work better around appointments, illness, etc.”

Wendy Lee appreciates “full control over my life and schedule. [I am] able to take advantage of mid-day yoga classes and errand runs with few people around.” Oh wouldn’t it be nice to grab your groceries without standing in line for 10 minutes?

With technology, all of our work programs and tools are apps on my iPhone, so I can even work from my iPhone if we are on a road trip or are out... It’s very freeing!” - Aliz Kolettis 

This list could really go on as long as your travel bucket list, but I hope you found our short and sweet reasons helpful. In the end, the self-care that remote work offers creates a happier you and a more productive business.

Written by Natalie Raff