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The Remote Mission Community Survey

The Remote Mission Community is about building a community of people and businesses who are wanting to make a positive difference in some way. Who care about people & planet and who want their job and life to reflect this.

A little while ago we reached out to our amazing community to find out who they are and hear about why they want more fulfilling remote work.

The Remote Mission Community

Our community is 75% female* and people belong mostly to the millennial generation, with 75% of the community being between 26 and 40 years old. This suggests that our Remote Missioners are strongly influenced by the impact of digital technologies in their lives and in the way that they learn and work. Which also brings with it a new perspective on life and an increase in personal values that has lead to a desire for a new lifestyle centred around freedom and choice.

Check out the infographic below for more info on our community.

Remote Mission Community  Infographic on Remote Work

Wanting more freedom and choice

Freedom and choice is what a large majority of the community stated they wanted, with 46% of the people saying this was the main reason they wanted to work remotely. This was followed in second place by “the ability to travel” (19%) and “to have more time to do the things I love” (14%).

But what exactly does this mean? We asked our community to delve deeper and this is what they said:

"Specifically in relation to Remote Mission-driven work... it means I am in control of my time and effort - to put in hard work and commitment for a cause I really believe in, and also have the flexibility to enjoy the finer things in life (a gorgeous day, meeting friends, being there for family). To be "free" in my work life, means I don't feel like it's work, it's just a lovely life where I'm adding my skills and passion. To have "choices" in work life, means I can work with clients whose missions I align with.” Abbie Caldas

"The ability to express my thoughts, feelings and opinions without recourse or worry of harm.” Lori Heisler

"Freedom means for me that I can follow my own thinking” Brita Helleborg

So for them freedom and choice means the possibility of following their own beliefs and values, the ability to express their opinions and feelings and being in control of their time and effort - so that they can place it wherever they feel is more aligned with their life and mission. It means being able to work from anywhere in the world and choosing who they want to spend their time with whilst having the security to live their desired lifestyle.

Remote Mission is an inclusive remote jobs platform, newsletter and community that gives all people with skills jobs that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.

Special thanks to Remote Missioners, Carla Frola for conducting the survey and to Jitka Hrůzová for creating the infographics.