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Remote Mission : What it's all about

Remote Mission is an inclusive remote jobs site that gives all people with skills access to jobs that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.

Our societies are transforming rapidly due to technological change.

A gap is growing between these two sides : people with the skills and opportunities to take advantage of this transformation and those who do not.

Rising income inequality reflects this trend; with increasing profits going to fewer people, and being counterbalanced by high rates of unemployment, low wages or job cuts.

Times are changing, it’s time we change with them. Let’s make the world a better place for everyone.

We believe in building a truly inclusive economy and making the most of available skills and technologies to close the gap in our society.

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Our mission is to:

  • Empower disadvantaged people

  • Make the digital economy more inclusive

  • Equip those at risk of being shut out of the labour market

  • Lower carbon emissions through less work commutes

  • Give power back to the local economies and communities

  • Allow everyone to live the life they want and do work they love

Empowering people through technology by doing work that matters and giving them the opportunity to gain revenue, learn new skills and live where they want.

Research shows the market is saturated with highly skilled job seekers and graduates, yet these potential employees can't seem to find meaningful work. People are wanting a better work life balance, which remote work can offer, but also there are many who can’t find jobs where they live or want to live. The problem lies with location - a limited range of jobs in their native country or that there’s nothing fulfilling on their doorstep, perhaps they’re even fleeing a war zone.

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This is where Remote Mission is different. We are opening the doors so that people can live where they want, do ‘good’ work and pay the bills.

We are bringing socially minded businesses together and encouraging them to be advocates for equality and sustainability.

Remote Mission is a jobs platform but it’s more than that. It is about giving people who wouldn’t necessarily be able to get a job a chance. It is not based in just one country - this is a global movement.

Remote Mission highlights where the world needs to go, is an advocate for sustainability and social change and offers tools and opportunities for people and organisations to work towards this.

We want to build a circular, empowering and impactful economy.