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The Story from our founder, Natalia

As I write these words, I am seated in front of Vera the Van, working. My laptop rests on a folding table and every so often I look up to catch the sunlight playing with the waves. It is lovely.

But “lovely” just isn’t going to cut it.

I need fulfillment. I need a ‘why’ and a ‘who’ and a ‘what’. I need a mission to work towards and values to live by.

This is where Remote Mission comes in.

Natalia Komis Remote Mission

As an impact-driven business, Remote Mission merges so many of the things that I’ve been doing over the years in the hope that it will not only allow me to live the life that I’ve been craving for too long, but also give choice, freedom and security to others.


A few years ago I was running my own marketing agency. I was also freelancing and working on multiple side projects. Plus on top of all this I was also running my own adventure travel business. It was hectic and my time was being consumed by ‘jobs’ I was doing for money rather than out of passion.


In the midst of all this, one thought that kept resonating with me was the desire to work for amazing businesses but not be tied down to any one location. That was over two years ago, just as the digital nomad trend was starting up and people were beginning to talk about remote work.

I am on a mission. And no, as delightful as it sounds, it isn't a mission to sit with my laptop on a beach.


A mission to help people around the globe live the life that they want, where they want, to do good and to be able to pay all the bills.

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