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    For everyone to be able to do work they love, live where they want and make a positive difference in the world.


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    Being a remote worker has its benefits....

    Unique Jobs You Wouldn't Find Elsewhere

    New Possibilities With Companies Doing Good

    Fulfil Your Dreams With Remote Working

    Find Freedom & Security in a Job You Love

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    Discover Your Remote Mission : Free Workbook

    Change the World One Mission at a Time

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    Everyone is welcome

    Research shows the market is saturated with highly skilled job seekers and graduates, yet these potential employees can't seem to find meaningful work.


    The problem seems to lie with location.

    Perhaps the issue lies with a limited range of jobs in their native country, or that there's nothing fulfilling enough on their doorstep, perhaps some are even fleeing a war zone.


    Everyone deserves a life they love living. Work is a big part of life. Let's make work impactful and fun.


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    "Remote Mission is one of these projects that fills a very big requirement for empowering socially minded startups with passionate and caring staff. At KoHub in Thailand I have noticed a rise in socially minded remote workers and entrepreneurs on the road and it is a pleasure to be able to introduce them to a platform that will match their energy with similarly minded operators. A great platform that comes at the right time to help drive the future of social innovation."

    James Abbott, KoHub

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    "It's time we understand that we can live a nomadic life of adventure AND do good. Remote Mission can help us do that! By working for the benefit of something greater than ourselves we are able fulfil more dreams that just our own. It is so cool that in this digital age, we can build bridges and close circles from anywhere!"

    Suzanne Van Der Veeken, The Oceanpreneur