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    Youth Mentorship Program

  • We are launching a mentorship program!

    If you are a young person, between the age of 19 and 25, with disability or a chronic health condition, who is currently looking for work that can make a difference and it is remote, we want to hear from you!

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  • The Project

    At Remote Mission we believe that remote work can have a positive impact on our labour market, by making it more fair, inclusive and diverse. We believe in the power of education and mentorship, and; we believe that everyone should have access to a job that is meaningful to them, while being free, feeling part of a team and having their needs met.


    Our job market isn’t always up to this challenge, making access to quality opportunities and inclusion in the workplace difficult, especially for those who have different needs.


    Our mentoring program wants to help young people with disabilities navigate their search for a remote job that is meaningful to them and allows them to make an impact while having their needs and rights respected.

    How does it work?

    Each mentee will work with a mentor who is established in the sector and has relevant experience, for three months, receiving the guidance and support needed in this search.


    They will also work in a small group with other mentees to strengthen their skills and confidence as job seekers.

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    According to Youth Employment UK (2019), some of the reasons why young people with disabilities remain unemployed include:
    • a lack for support to prepare young disabled people for employment, including adults around young people having low aspirations;
    • a complex benefit system that can deter disabled young people and their families from thinking about employment

    • inflexible workplaces

    • hostile work cultures where it is difficult to ask for reasonable adjustments

  • Who can be a mentee?

    You are a young person, aged 19 to 25, who is based in the UK and lives with a disability or a chronic health condition. You care about the world around you, your community or would like to make a difference (even if maybe you don’t know exactly how or what it will look like). You are looking for a job that can help you do so and you could use some guidance in navigating your search, understanding how to balance work and your health, gain more confidence and skills in looking for a job you can love.


    If this sounds somewhat like you, then we invite you to apply.


    Don’t worry, you don’t need to have it all figure it out or have any specific job experience. Our mentors will help you with that.


    Are you a professional in the impact sector and want to be a mentor?

    We are looking for individuals who are established professionals in the impact sector and can offer their time (up to 4 hours a month) to support our mentees. You are someone who has experience and/or understands the needs and challenges that people with disabilities experience in entering and navigating the world of work and is ready to act as a role model for younger people. Estimated commitment is for a period of 3 months, at the beginning of 2022.

  • Get Involved

    Apply to become a Mentor or a Mentee

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    Ready to be a mentee?

    Apply if you are a young person aged 19-25 with a disability or a chronic health condition currently looking for work that can make a difference and it is remote.

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    Volunteer as a mentor

    We're looking for mentors who live with a disability or chronic health issue themselves or have an understanding of this and are established in their professional field within the impact sector or similar.

  • But what about employers?

    Employers play a key role in making the labour market more inclusive and remote work, as other flexible work arrangements can be pivotal in creating teams that are inclusive and diverse, everyone needs are met, while overall productivity and wellbeing are improved.


    Work to support youth is as important as employer involvement and awareness.

  • How can employers get involved:


    Offer a Mentor

    If someone in your organisation would like to apply to be a mentor we'd love to have them on board!


    Sponsor a mentee

    Sponsor a mentee (paid donation) or Participate in paid workshop (% donation to project)


    Work Placement

    Offer a work placement for the mentees and get a workshop for your employees on disability awareness and access.


    Sponsor a cohort

    Sponsor a 3 month cohort or have it tailored to your own companies needs and receive x placements throughout.

  • Want to participate as an employer?

    Get in touch below!

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